Flex Tech Fashion Thong

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This modern flex tech thong is small and tight, but still soft and flexible. It will flex to conform to your crotch to hold everything in place without being constricting. Showoff your cheeks and legs as you rock this sexy pair. Available in a variety of vibrant colors.

Men can wear thongs too! This style of revealing underwear is just as masculine as any other, and we encourage every guy to try on at least one. Who knows, maybe it will be your favorite pair!

Sizing: Different undies fit differently. Please select the proper waist measurement to ensure the perfect fit!

Material: Nylon, Spandex

 Size (waist) In  Cm
M 26-29 66-75
L 30-32 75-84
XL 33-36 84-92
XXL 37-41 92-104

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